The basic knowledge of Microfinance course for clients from Hoang Xuan - Hoang Hoa


The purpose of course is financial education for benefit households from this project. FPW Fund officials presented the regulations, policies, rights and obligations of membership of the project. In particular, through the course, members understand the basic characteristics of the microfinance loan products, the advantages of microfinance products can bring to poor households.

As well as members in the project phase 1 (2011), households in this second phase have more fret about product given by project. To better understand, all members joined to discuss enthusiasm with many good questions.
FPW Fund officials have consultants dedicated to each part so that people get the most basic understanding of these issues. In addition, Fund officials also advise how to members can repay completely both principal and interest monthly - a repayment way differs much from the bank.

After the course, all members have understood and committed to participate in the project loan. Housholds expected that the FPW Fund officials has many courses like this in future.


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