Credit Products


1. Loan periods from 3 to 24 months, with monthly repayments

· 6 months loans: these smaller loans suit borrowers in need of a small amount of capital and help familiarize them with microfinance products.

· 12-18 months loans: these larger loans are for borrowers who want to invest in larger scale income generating activities.

2. Loan amounts vary from 3000.000 VND (about $150) to 25.000.000 VND (about $1200).

3. Loan limits increase when members manage to repay on time.

4. Group guarantee is used, there is no material collateral.

5. Monthly loan collections and disbursements are carried out in field.

6. Loan products are linked with compulsary savings, which is added as a supplementary service.

7. There are 3 types of loans:

· Multi-purpose loan

· Employees and officials loan

· Clean water - Biogas system - Sanitary latrines loan

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