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In November, 2010, Fund For Thanh Hoa Poor Women (FPW) signed an agreement with The State Bank of Viet Nam (SBV) to receive the funds of “Formalizing MicroFinance Institution” project-fund by The Asia Development Bank (ADB). This is key step of tranformation of FPW into Formal Microfiance Institution that was licensed by the State Bank of Viet Nam and operate under Decree 28 and Decree 165 of The Government…

In addition, the Fund for Thanh Hoa Poor Women (FPW) is in the process of implementing projects with other organizations, such as: Save the Children, Cordaid, Unilever, ILO...

To ensure the effective operation of these projects, to meet the requirements of donors as well as the FPW's financial regulations. From the December, 20, 2011 to December, 31, 2011, We would like to inform the organization and individuals who have the capacity and conditions to provide us services following:

1.     Consultant, tranning: Human government, Credit operation, accounting, risk management, financial education, developing voluntary saving product, liquidity management, building delivering channel network .

2.     Designing software.

3.     Performing market research.

4.     Designing brochures, books, forms.

5.     Social performance rating and financial management efficiency.

6.     External Audit.

For more detail, please contact:

Mr. Nguyen hai Duong

Tel: 0373 721 300 (111)

Mobile: 0982 163 459

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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