Thanh Hoa Women's Union

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The Thanh Hoa Province Women Union (WU)  is a social political organisation, made up of women age 18 or older who come from all walks of life (regardless of ethnicity and religion). The objectives of the WU is to work for the equality of women, the protection of their rights and benefits, and the development of their social and economic conditions.

The WU has 6 main goals :

- To educate women to increase their social awareness and working capacity.

- To support women in income-generating activities.

- To contribute to the development of well-off, equitable, progressive, and happy families

- To build and develop a strong organization

- To participate in the development and to monitor the implementation of legal regulations on gender equality

- To carry out external affair activities at the grass-roots level

The Thanh Hoa Province Women Union  operates on the principle of centralized democracy (the group leads, while the individual takes charge). The Standing Committee is comprised of 13 persons  and the Executive committee is comprised of 55 persons, with one Chairperson and 3 Vice Chairpersons. The current structure has 3 operational levels, provincial, district, and communal.



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