Citi - Vietnam Microfinance Program Award 2016



On December 12, 2016, the "2016 Citi micro entrepreneours ceremony " (Citi - Vietnam Microfinance Program Award) was took placed by the Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMWF), sponsored by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) and the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.


Citi - Vietnam Microfinance Program Award (CMA) recognizes and honors the great achievements of microfinance entrepreneurs in Vietnam - Poor people have used microfinance loans effectively to start their own businesses, diversify their family production, generate more income, and improve their lives as well as the community. This is a global annual event sponsored by Citi / Citi - Vietnam to recognize clients and MFIs who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the microfinance sector in Vietnam, extreme poverty reduction. Since 2007, the CMA has recognized the contributions of more than 400 typical microfinance clients, excellent credit officers and typical microfinance organizations.




Attending this ceremony were Mr Nguyen Kim Anh - Deputy Governor of SBV; Mr. Dang Thanh Binh - former Deputy Governor of SBV; Mr. Nguyen Van Than - Chairman of Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, with representatives from the Government Office, Microfinance Working Committee of the Government, SBV, MOF, ministries, mass organizations , Donors, international organizations, investment units, microfinance programs / organizations that are members of the MFWG, national and international NGOs, and individuals and groups. Citibank - Citigroup Vietnam in 2016.



Speaking at the ceremony, SBV deputy governor Nguyen Kim Anh emphasized that "Each individual honored as a typical microentrepreneurs now as well as 400 individuals honored during the past 10 years is actually 400 typical stories about the efforts relentless of microentrepreneurs and their family with the effective and practical assistance of MFIs. They have overcome the difficult situation to become the better-off, influential households, positive spread to local poverty reduction. The Organizing Board also recognizes and honors the positive contributions of typical MFIs in the process of providing effective financial services to poor and low income households in Vietnam. These organizations have contributed significantly to the sustainable economic development of Vietnam, contributing to job creation, improving the quality of life of the people, reducing Significantly lower rates of poor households in the locality."



This year, with the participation of more than 70 records from microfinance institutions and customers throughout the country, the CMA 2016 Program has recognized 31 individuals and 3 typical MFIs for their positive contributions and Outstanding achievements in poverty reduction and economic development of the country. Thanh Hoa MFI has 3 customers honored to receive the Typical Microfinance Client Award, namely, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dau (Giang Son Village, Hoang Truong Commune, Hoang Hoa district), Pham Thi Hang (Tan Village, Quang Nham Commune, Quang Xuong district), Tran Bich Thuy (Luong Dac Bang street, Dong Son ward, Thanh Hoa city). Mr. Nguyen Hai Duong, general director of Thanh Hoa Microfinance Organization, said: "All of them were poor customers who have overcome difficulties and bravely borrowed money to step by step improve their incomes and improve the quality life of them and their family. They are also creating more jobs for relatives and labor in the locality. Their success has created a strong motivation for the Board of Directors and staffs of Thanh Hoa Microfinance Institutions continue to strive for the goal of building a family and community sustainable development."


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