Thanh Hoa fund for poor women converted officialy to Thanh Hoa Microfinance institution – 1 of the first 3 Microfinance institudes in Vietnam

The 29th Sep 2014 in Ha Noi, Mr Nguyen Phuoc Thanh - Deputy Governor of the State Bank - has awarded license to establish  Thanh Hoa microfinance institution (Thanh Hoa MFI).

According operation license, Thanh Hoa MFI has capital contribution ratio of Fund Thanh Hoa poor women  49.18%; Thanh Ha capacity building and community development Co., Ltd 31.15% and JSC NGV 19.67 %.

Thanh Hoa MFI can raising capital: accept deposits in Vietnam dong at the mandatory form of savings deposits of individuals and organizations including voluntary deposits of microfinance clients tissues, except for the purpose of deposit payment; Loans of credit institutions, financial institutions and individuals and other organizations in the country and abroad as prescribed by law. Thanh Hoa MFI provides credit  by Vietnam dong.

In addition, Thanh Hoa MFI also perform open account transactions, entrusted loans, provision of financial advisory services related to the field of microfinance ...



Deputy Governor of the State Bank Mr Nguyen Phuoc Thanh congratulates Thanh Hoa MFI has been approved converting and awarded the decision to established microfinance institutions, LTD.

Prior to being  licensed by bank state for operating as a microfinance institutions, Thanh Hoa MFI has 16 years of operation, the outstanding loans up to 92 billion,  20 thousand borrowers. The capital of Thanh Hoa MFI loans has contributed significantly to the economic development of the poor and low-income households in Thanh Hoa Province. Deputy Governor hope that Thanh Hoa MFI will work to achieve the best effective and be a model to consider converting some other microfinance institutions in the future



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