The story of an Thanh Hoa MFI's member


We visited a member of Thanh Hoa MFI – mrs Vu Thi Can in a hot day in May.

The simple cottage located on the white sands seem to make me more stifling in a summer noon.




Our team stooping, each person, each person past into the door-frame.

Welcoming us was a woman about 30 years old, with the dark skin, warm smile, confidence, contrary to the coarseness  funiture around her.


She seem to embarrassing when she arange messy things on old mats to invited guests . After the friendly and frank greeting between our team and her family ( she and 4 children), we were listened the story of her life.

Mrs Can got married in 2008, her husband is a hireling fishermen for big boat owners in local. In recent years there are not many fish in this sea area, he had to go to the South, continue to hired. He hope to earn money to feed his children to school. But he hasn’t sent money to her any time in this year. The only gift he gave her was "After each trip seafaring, my husband went home and we had ​​a baby more… ".

Difficulties piled on difficult. She alone take care  4 children: older children is 7 years old in grade 2 school, the youngest one is 5 months. She said: every early morning, she go to the seaside to buy the cheaper seafood. Then she bring them to the market of district and resell for profit. On certain advantages, she earn 100.000 USD, hard day is also enough money to cover 50.000 VND. That’s enough for her children and repay a part of loan from Thanh Hoa MFI.

Mrs Can remember: “In 2009, my family was very much poorer now. The Women union of village introduced to me about Thanh Hoa MFI’s supporting loans to improve the quality of life for poor women and women of low. With a loan of 1.740.000 Vnd, 5 neighbors and I decided to participate in the group's loan to borrow. After that, I worried much, I was afraid that i can’t repayment. I kept money in a old coffer. Every month, I get a part to repay to credit officer”.

After several times mrs Can join to group meetings, cluster meetings, she learned experiences of other women in her group and in her village. She began to follow the older women to go to the harbor and buy seafood. The first times, she had no experience so she used to buy all quality food. When she selled in the district market, there were only a few customers buy. She had to try much but she can’t make any profit. At that time, she thought a lot: How to earn money to save myself and children?


Amid her mood was confused, she met Mrs Tam – an Thanh Hoa MFI’s credit officers. Mrs Can told her situation and mrs Tam shared, consulted about purchasing experience (buy a little of many kinds, choose to buy fresh sea food although higher price, buy high sell higher, as long as clients satisfy, most importand is prestige ...). Mrs Tam shared purchasing way, and consultanted also capital using skills, savings, personal hygiene and nutrition knowledge, parenting and care children.... Mrs Can keep in mind and apply this knowledge, her sea food stall was little by little crowded more.

After 5 years, from a poor and self-deprecation women, now she has became a confident women with the sustainable business. She continue borrowing capital 5.310.000 Vnd from Thanh Hoa MFI, term of 12 months. She said " I always want to get loan from Thanh Hoa MFI because it’s easy to repay. In the end of term, i repayed all principal and interest and also have a saving account"

Listening to her, I feel the summer noon seem to be cooler. Our team understand deeply the meaning of our work. We have to try more and more to bring the capitan to the poor and low-income households, to build family and community sustainability development.


Quang Nham may 24th, 2014.


Mr Hai Duong - Thanh Hoa MFI director.




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