FPW Fund's consultancy activities in September in project " New beginnings by Unilever Vietnam Foundation"


In the framework of the project "New Beginnings", from 17th to 21th September 2012, the Thanh Hoa Fund for Poor Women organized the course "Financial system and the accounting regulations in microfinance institutions " in Thanh Hoa City.

There are 17 project staff from Lao Cai, Hai Duong, Ninh Binh, Quang Binh, Hanoi, Ben Tre province participated in the course. The course training about principles, general standards of accounting, accounting methods, financial statement analysis and credit activities reports , especially the accounting system in a microfinance institutions as recommended in the draft circular of the state bank.

The course uses scientific to training, to share the fact experience, the exercises from economic transactions arising of micro-credit activities in the province. The participants discussed, mutual learning: members from Lao Cai support Ben Tre , Ninh Binh support Hanoi , Quang Binh support Hai Duong .

In addition, students take advantage of the time to exchange experiences: in classroom, in room, through the exchange of work out ... so that the course has achieved the set objectives and meet the expectations of the participants.


The students participate in financial training courses

After the course, the accounting staff from the Lao Cai, Ben Tre, Ninh Binh, Quang Binh can make financial statements by self, fund accounting from Hai Duong had mastered the course content and understand about accounting balance sheet, Hanoi fund accounting has specific planning to improve their business .. Leaders of the project management committee "read" and understand the meaning of items in the financial statements and activity reports, 100% of students can apply the knowledge in their work and complete monthly reports sent to the Central Project Management.

The end of the course, madam Mai Thi Xuong - Director of Thanh Hoa Fund for Poor Women has awarded certificates of completion of the course for the students, and to thank the students for full participation, enthusiasm, contribute to the success of the course.

In addition to the general training for all provinces that involved in the project , the Thanh Hoa Fund for Poor Women also training of specialized skills on the individual needs of each province as: established and only maintenance activity group / cluster skill ; sales skills and customer care; skills and capital evaluation / development ; unpaid debt management skills, ... training knowledge, basic and depth skills as in the operation of a microfinance organization for six provinces are participating in the project.



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